Bad credit payday loans

If you don’t have a decent credit score, it may be tough to get a loan when you need one. However, you should know that there are loans out there that are great for people with bad credit. Since most payday loan companies don’t require a credit check, payday loans are easy to receive if you have bad credit. Follow this guide to help you find a bad credit payday loan.

Online payday loans

Since many agencies are beginning to put their loan services on the Internet, a great place to look for a bad credit payday loan company is online. To find a reliable site, begin by using a search engine to find a variety of companies. Instead of going with the first one you see, make a list of all the bad credit payday loan agencies you find, and then continue by searching for reviews. Narrow down your list by eliminating those companies with bad reviews. Since bad credit payday loan agencies can vary in their services, make sure you choose one that will satisfy your needs.


Aside from online bad credit payday loan agencies, there are many companies with local offices. You can find these companies by looking through the phone book, searching through newspapers, or using a search engine. You should look up reviews for these local bad credit payday loan companies as well, but you can also visit the agencies if you have any inquiries about payday loans or the services offered by the particular company.

Am I Eligible?

Most people that are looking for a bad credit payday loan easily qualify. To acquire a payday loan, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid checking account, and be employed. If you apply for one online, you also need to have a valid email address. Keep in mind that these are simply typical criteria, so even if you don’t meet these criteria, there may still be an agency out there that you qualify for.